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Building of cold-formed profiles ( LSTC )

Building of cold-formed profiles ( LSTC )

For buildings, the small square is the most appropriate use of the framework of LSTC ( light steel thin-walled structures ) .
The company " MVK- STROY " - construction general contracting company in the field of building construction of cold-formed profiles ( LSTC ) . Feature of these designs is that the skeletons of buildings under construction are assembled from building profile obtained from galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 1.0 to 2 mm, by a specialized form of profiling machines.
     This technology is the production of light steel structures is a unique optimization technology of materials , which is a completely organized system forming shaped articles using software control . This technology allows you to get a certain number of profiles inherent in the possibility of forming machines , as well as to eliminate the human factor on the precision manufacturing of parts and reduce the cost of materials due to the programmed profile cutting to the desired size in the machine . Buildings of such profiles are obtained simultaneously light and durable , and functional purpose and can be used for any purpose.


Economic benefits - reducing the cost of construction of the facility and warranty service building.
High speed of construction - 80% of the building framework assembled at the factory , and major components are assembled on site.
Lightness - high strength . Reducing the cost of the device of the foundation base , the ability to add- on the existing buildings and the creation of pitched roofs on them .
No restrictions and excellent compatibility . There are no restrictions on the architecture, full compatibility with construction and finishing materials .
Supply and installation - when ordering framed building "turnkey" include all materials for the frame , the intermediate coating and installation of the facility .
Stable prices and delivery - price stability for the metal , with the manufacturing process , no delays due to weather conditions .
Special characteristics of fire safety, ease of installation and energy efficiency - the frame structure of galvanized steel, non-flammable , high energy efficiency.
Environmentally friendly construction products - environment-friendly products , the manufacturing process without harmful emissions , and minimal impact on the environment .
Cleanliness and safety on the construction site - reducing the amount of scrap metal , reducing the amount of waste materials and disposal costs
Increased mobility work on the construction site - requires fewer workers and smaller mounting area storage .

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